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Video Highlights

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“Davis Dance will continue to be a beacon of hope for our community. The arts, and especially dance, allow us to tap into our human selves fully. We use dance to inspire, uplift, and heal. Our bodies have the ability to say the things we often times are too afraid to say out loud. In times of hardship we dance to balance out the ugly and to remind ourselves that underneath all of the social, racial, and economic status we apply to ourselves, we’re all the same skin deep. Our company not only dances because we want to, we dance because we have to!”  - Terrell Davis

We are Davis Dance Strong!

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“Davis Dance takes the breath away. Remember the name. Valued importance gives it star awareness.” 


-Holly Bartges, Colorado Backstage

"Davis Contemporary Dance Company, like few other companies, has a wealth of male dance talent that adds much to it's performances".


-Donald Atwood, World Dance Reviews

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“Talk to them. Watch them. Get to know them. Your spirit will say thank you a hundred times over.”


 -Holly Bartges, Colorado Back stage

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